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Indonesian Bus Schedule and Fare Information From YOGYAKARTA GIWANGAN To BANJARSARI


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BEST Patas AC seat:


Class: Patas AC seat:

Tarif Terjauh
Rp 110K-150K
Bus BEST Time 15.30 Class:Patas AC seat: Fare: Rp 110.000. this bus departs from YOGYAKARTA GIWANGAN To BANJARSARI Bus Route:Purworejo- Kutoarjo- Gombong- Wangon- Karang Pucung- Majenang- Wanareja- Banjar Patroman.

Terminal Giwangan Yogyakarta...
Bus Route:Purworejo- Kutoarjo- Gombong- Wangon- Ka...
Schedule from Yogyakarta Giwangan:

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